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Penrith & District Beekeepers Association

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Sat 18 May 2024

About us

Penrith & District Beekeepers Association has been established since 1902 and became a registered charity in 2016.  It aims to help beekeepers of all levels of experience to learn how they can look after their bees more effectively by recognising the diseases and pests that threaten bees’ survival and know the appropriate actions to take to overcome these problems.  The association  also provides learning programmes, exhibitions and talks to local community groups and schools to raise awareness of the plight of bees and other pollinators, which are all in serious decline. All pollinators, which includes bees, are essential for sustaining a vibrant , well balanced environment and for the production of the food on which we all depend. Through its educational initiatives Penrith & District Beekeepers Association promote the planting of ‘bee friendly plants’ and approaches to gardening which enable pollinators of all kinds to thrive. 

Penrith & District Beekeepers Association welcomes donations to support the maintenance of its training apiary which is based at Acorn Bank and is used by beekeepers to practise their husbandry skills as well as a resource for introducing visitors to bees who can observe beekeepers at work and take a closer look at how the bees manage to raise their brood and produce honey, under the watchful eye of the experienced beekeepers. 

The latest and most dangerous long term threat to bees and all types of pollinators is the Asian Hornet.    The Asian Hornet, vespa velutina, is an aggressive predator of honey bees and other beneficial insects. Since a fertilised Asian Hornet queen arrived in France in 2004, inside a box of imported Chinese clay pots in which it had hibernated, it has spread to Spain, Majorca, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Germany and the Channel Islands.  Over 50% of the hives in these countries have been destroyed, along with other  pollinating insects on which small birds depend for their survival. Each Asian Hornet nest can produce 200 queens in one season. Once established, it can spread at the distance of 100km each year . It has been sighted in the UK since 2016. Most of the nests have been found in the south but the most recent sighting of an Asian Hornet was in Preston. 

Penrith & District Beekeepers Association is preparing  for any actions that will need to be taken if the Asian Hornet arrives in Cumbria by using donations to build up an Asian Hornet Fighting Fund. It has developed Asian Hornet Watch kits and when sufficient funds are available will start to purchase the specialist equipment that will be needed to track and trace hornets back to their nests where they can be destroyed. Please give generously to this needy cause which will affect all of us! 

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