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25 May 2024

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Sat 18 May 2024

About us

Turn your clocks back 400 years....

The Winter Droving is a well established community event which takes place in Penrith town centre every October. The Samhain celebration brings fire, music and masks to the town and marks the event of the changing of the clocks. 

Each year Penrith’s streets become something like a medieval market with traditional mulled wine and hot chestnuts alongside the finest local produce including a wide range of world foods, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, giftware, local artists’ works, quirky clothing and charity stalls.

Masked musicians, street performers, giant animal lanterns and locals dressed in elaborate costumes join the crowds at The Winter Droving for a unique celebration steeped in tradition. The day begins at with a fancy dress competition for dogs, while the rest of the town comes alive, showcasing live musicians, street performances, drumming bands and carnival street shows before the eagerly awaited parade.

In order to maintain the Droving and ensure that it continues we work hard to fund-raise and we are grateful to the support of local businesses with their sponsorship and local agencies such as the Arts Council, the local councils, the Penrith BID and the Penrith Lottery for their support.

Every year gets tougher to raise the finances necessary to pay for the whole thing – costs go up but the money available doesn’t! 2024 sees us facing a significant funding shortfall and we need to do everything we can to make sure that the Droving doesn’t cease to exist.

So, we are asking supporters and attenders if you can throw something in the bucket.  With so many people attending every year we know that if everyone puts something in we are safe.

To support and continue the Droving, we are selling lottery tickets. 

Thank you for your support and good luck!

The Winter Droving Team 

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